About Me

I am a UX Product Designer with a BFA in Time Arts, a discipline that explores interactive and timeline-based art. Assignments often included a blend of programming, animation, video, and performance or installation art.  

I'm fascinated by the “blue sky” ideas and bucket list goals of others. One of mine was to write an original novel, which I did during National Novel Writing Month in 2008. A current goal is to write and record an album of original songs. 

Currently I reside in DeKalb, Illinois, about 65 miles west of Chicago.


Why UX Design?

UX Design offers a unique balance between art and logic that is representative of the world we live in. It allows me to flex both my analytical and creative skills. Designing tools that have a positive impact for both users and stakeholders is a rewarding experience.

In 2019 I designed and developed the Dwell Time Tracker, a service design solution that led to payroll savings of $3 million by finding and eliminating wasted production time. The success of this project prompted me to enroll in an online UX curriculum and seek full-time opportunities solving problems through UX Design.


Open my PDF resume in a new window or right-click to download.

My Background

20+ years of workforce experience in Manufacturing and Logistics, including leadership roles, stakeholder communication, metric analysis, and process optimization.

Proficiency in programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, BASIC, and G-code.

Hardware expertise acquired through computer repair work and personal computer builds.

Related hobbies and interests: illustration, creative writing, songwriting, and video production

Learn More

You can learn about me by connecting on LinkedIn or visiting my personal website, johneverettmorton.com

Contact Me

E-mail: jeverettmorton@gmail.com

Phone: 815 793-7804

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