American Silo

18 x 24 inches, 6-color, waterbased ink, hand pulled silkscreen print.

Signed and numbered edition of 46.

Brief: Art for the sake of art.

Description: One of the earliest silkscreen prints to come out of my studio. This films for this 6-color print were inked by hand. Many failures occurred and lessons learned during the creation of this edition. It is also one of few prints that has video documentation of most of the process.

The subject is autobiographical. This silo still stands on my parents' farm in Northville, IL. When I was six I used to scale the outside of the silo until my father caught me one day. It's a reminder to me of that total lack of fear we have as children ("Fall? Why would I fall? I'd only fall if I let go and I'm not going to let go.")

$60 shipped in the US. E-mail to be invoiced.