John Morton • Product Designer


A versatile UX Designer with 20 years of leadership and design experience, skilled in creating user-friendly experiences while fostering community and helping others achieve their goals.


Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop , Illustrator, Premiere, HTML, CSS, C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Google Workspaces, Miro, Maze, Optimal Workshop, Wordpress, Semplice, Premiere, Excel


UX Research, User Journeys, Visual Design, Illustration, Animation, Design Method Thinking, Wireframes, Information Architecture, Card Sorting, Rapid Prototyping, Responsive Web Design, Usability Testing, Logos and Branding, Color Theory


Designlab UX Academy • PRODUCT DESIGNER

Remote, 2022 – 2023

Designed rapid prototypes in Figma to carry out usability testing.

Iterated on the user experience to achieve 100% pass rates during testing.

Designed end-to-end mobile app to help users save for and organize goals.

Delivered responsive web designs for full functionality across breakpoints.

Conducted surveys and interviews to identify user pain points.

Hosted regular workshops, panels, and networking events.

Conducted research through user interviews, surveys, and SWOT analysis.Created logos, wireframes, and UI kits to aid in the development and branding of digital products.

Neat & Keen Design • OWNER

Remote, 2015 – 2023

Used satelite imagery and GPS data to create accessible and accurate map designs for print and digital use.

Hosted open house gallery and networking events.

Provided photo retouching and original vector images to provide infinitely scaleable designs.

3M Distribution Center • LEAD OPERATOR

DeKalb, IL 2015 – 2022

Analyzed data to create an enterprise solution that saved $3 million annually using Visual Basic and Design Thinking methodology.

Authored SOP updates to maintain ISO 9001 and OSHA standards, utilizing a strong sense of information hierarchy.

Coached operators to meet a productivity level minimum of 90%.

Facilitated cross-functional training of 100+ new operators, team leads, and incoming trainers.

Northern Illinois University • BFA Time Arts 

DeKalb, IL 2004

Coursework: Calculus, Logical Syllogisms, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Illustration, Animation

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