Words and Stuff

I have thoughts and sometimes I put them to words.

Sometimes I put thoughts to videos.

Sometimes I turn those thoughts into questions for guest panelists.

Hence, "Words & Stuff".

Why couldn't an art collective exist with a model similar to a gym membership? You have a keycard to a place and inside are easels and kilns and all the things you want in order to make art.

On May 24, 2023, co-host Megan Riley and I got together with Summer Hannon, Diana Nguyen, and Chase Starr-Kercheval to discuss their experiences inside their first year as UX/UI professionals.

But I probably will. Let's just try to be a little more authentic about it, shall we?

Over the course of my UX education, I have volunteered for over 50 UX research interviews and counting. Here are some of the benefits and lessons I've learned to help me be a better interviewer.

As I transition from a life behind the wheel of a forklift to a life behind the computer, I've struggled to find ways to stay on task. Enter Co-Working and the Pomodoro timer.

You might not realize it, but the OG of video games is back. How do their efforts compare to their competitors? What do they need to do to be put on the map again?

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